What my clients have to say...

I can honestly say Harri is exceptional at what he does. I have tried various personal trainers & none of them have connected on a personal level. He is very personable & genuinely cares about changing the way we think & feel about exercise. I hated exercise & always seen it as a chore, but with Harri I have learned to love it & will take his techniques & advice with me every time I go to the gym.
At the start of the training programme i had small goals such as being able to do pull-ups which was achieved through Harri. I can honestly say by the end of the programme i was in the best condition i have ever been. Thanks so much Harri!
Neil Remmington
1-1 client, group training & online training
I've been training with Harri for just over a year both online training alone & 1-1 in the gym & I can honestly say he's one of the best PTs I've ever had.
He's great to work with, good fun & he took the time to get to know me & how I like to train instead of just diving in & giving me any old standard workouts lots of PTs give you that I would probably have hated! He's always in touch encouraging me to train, get my steps up & watch my nutrition & he's there to help if I have any questions.
I've seen great results in my fitness, strength & overall body shape since working with Harri & will definitely continue to work with him online 👊🏼
Liam Varnai-Clarke
1-1 client, online client
I gained weight quickly and unexpectedly and tried to listen to many different trainers, followed many diets for about two years. When I started working with Harri, he started very simple: "Take rest between exercises","Sleep" and "Increase your protein". Three super simple tips actually brought me results! I have lost 5kg with Harri in just a few months, I know I am on the right track to finally start losing weight in a sustainable way. Most coaches say "calories in calories out" and have blamed me for not being able to lose weight, or the fact that I'm a vegetarian. But Harri understood and encouraged me to eat more protein, stop stressing and start sleeping more, this is what had major impacts on my body. Sometimes he told me I had to do 1 burpee for each gram of protein missed the day before 😅 It taught me quickly the importance of taking care of my protein intake 😄 I would recommend Harri to anyone as he truly customises the exercises for the person, listens to personal goals and focuses on positive sessions and creating great support environment.
Nadya Koleva
1-1 client, group training, Zoom client, online training
Training with Harri has been great. His ability to adapt the program for my needs has been essential during this quarantine. My knees would hurt constantly. Thanks to his knee pain relief & strengthening exercises, my knees feel so much better.
Kanchan Bhatia
online training
I have always wanted to have a toned and fit body, but the problem is I love food. I have tried many different diets and exercise classes and could not understand why I never really lost weight unless I did not eat carbs or starve myself. One day I was out at a beach club and there was this woman with a beautiful body, we got chatting and I asked her what her secret was, she said she had a PT called Harri and he was amazing. I decided to initiate contact and take my first steps to changing my life.
The first time I met Harri, we talked about myself, my goals, his teaching style and his background. The first thing that made me feel really comfortable was that he was previously a teacher, I am a teacher myself and understand all the knowledge and tools he would have to help me on my journey. There was an instant trust and I was excited to start this journey with him.
Within the first month I lost 4 kg, felt amazing, learnt so much about the body and correct postures for different moves and most importantly I could eat pretty much anything I wanted to. This to me has to be the highlight of my experience, I had always assumed a PT would just work with you on exercise but Harri has taught me so much about food, protein and calories. Harri is very motivating and I am always excited for our sessions together.
After a very successful month with Harri in the gym, I signed up for another month. I had new goals with weights and each week I saw so many improvements within my body I wanted to get better. Harri tailored each session to my goals and his observation of my mobility and areas I needed to focus on. Unfortunately, the gyms closed down and the only way we could continue with PT sessions was online. I was skeptical at first, I had no equipment and did not believe I would make any progress without the heavy lifting from the gym.
I am proud to say I was wrong. Harri made the sessions fun and engaging, used household items and tailored each session to me. I am still losing weight and my body is looking really toned. I am getting so many compliments but most importantly I feel better within myself. Harri is very patient with me as some moves take a while for me to learn. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am to have met Harri and how amazing he is. I would recommend the online sessions to anyone who asks, each session is fun and varied and Harri is always introducing new moves as well ensuring I am improving on moves I have already used.
Charlotte Haydon-Higgins
1-1 client, group training, Zoom client, online training
I used to go into the gym and never knew what to do. I would always do some cardio and then maybe some legs, or most of the time attend a class. The weights section scared me as I didn’t know how to use most of the machines. When the pandemic started I had seen on my social media somebody who had been going to Harri and I was really impressed with what they were posting. I saw a free quarantine fitness challenge and thought I would give it a go. I was really impressed with the sessions and content so I decided to sign up for online coaching. I feel so much stronger and my body has changed shape, most of this was during lockdown which is super impressive the progress made. I now go into the weights section in the gym and know what I am doing, now I have turned to strength training there is no going back. Harri has been supportive and present throughout, checking in and adapting where needed. His is knowledgeable and his online modules educated me on many topics. Harri has helped me to get into positive routines and understand how to manage my goals around my lifestyle and not the other way round which is amazing! I would highly recommend Harri, he has helped me to transform my body and mindset and is very supportive.
Cath Hyland
online training