About Me


Drive & Ambition 87%
Mindset 74%
Dedication 79%
Self-Development 94%


Strength per kg of BW 84%
Conditioning 73%
Mobility 49%
Versatility 94%

Not a sob story...

I wish I could tell you all about how fitness enlightened me & I found my way after struggling though weight problems, 0 body confidence & low self-esteem. 

Although fitness didn’t change my life, it became an integral part of who I wanted to be. I didn’t find my way through aesthetic issues, I fell into training through Rugby & my lack of strength, size & confidence on the pitch. I was the pretty boy who wore flashy boots & ran a little bit quick, I was also a what I’d refer to now as: “skinny fat”.

Where my fitness journey began

Started somewhere around here, trying and wanting to look good for holidays with the boys. I've got plenty more of these @ me for the full collection.

After playing every sport under the sun until the age of about 14, I narrowed down to single figures & Rugby being one of the main ones, although I wasn’t overly good at the sport at the time.

At 15 I was a weak, scrawny little lad, I was what I’d now call “skinny fat” now. I realised I had to get stronger as I was being bullied on the pitch. So I quit rugby, started drinking my bodyweight in protein shakes & doing far too many bicep curls and bench press sessions. I then began to grow a real interest and hunger for training in the gym.
My love transitioned from sport, to strength & fitness.

A big reason why I started to despise rugby at the time was because I was constantly trying to live up to the performance of others & compete on a field where I was so significantly smaller than others & no matter how good my technical ability & skill, I was always being outplayed by their size & brute.

I realised when I was training in the gym, it didn’t matter anymore what anyone ELSE was doing, because it wouldn’t impact me. I wasn’t externally competitive anymore. It was just me, myself & my dumbbells. This is where I discovered my passion for training & nutrition which lead me to pursue this career.


The point to summarise here is that we all have that turning point, we all have that reason why we start something & in life you must try new things, some you’ll develop a great lust for and others you’ll quit after a while and that’s fine.

You’re your own greatest experiment.

Life in the REAL world.

I made big plans for myself after I finished standard education & I’d developed my new ‘thing’. My mind-set completely changed, I no longer wanted to just ‘get coursework done’. Although I’d always wanted to go to Uni, truthfully, my desire to attend Uni was because of the stories I’d heard about how much fun it was, but now I’d developed a real drive to study & pursue the industry of health & disease. At this point, all my focus went into the gym & university [& a lot of partying in freshers] where I studied biomedical science (health, exercise & nutrition).

Studying this subject allowed me to do my own research and acquire new skills, further knowledge in all areas of fitness, health and nutrition [and a lot of sciency stuff]. I graduated with an extremely UNEXPECTED 2:1 with honours with a degree accredited by the Royal Society of Biology. I say unexpected because if you’d have asked anyone who knew me from a young age, what I’d do when I was older it certainly WASN’T anything academic! Another little fact about myself, is that I’ve been renowned to through myself in the deep end, intentionally or unintentionally, but I believe that’s the best way to learn.

I won’t bore you with any of the nonsense that came after Uni, I’ll just touch on what lead me to this career path as a Coach…

i finished Uni and worked as an assistant teacher for 3 months & I then got a job in Dubai as a P.E teacher. As soon as I got to Dubai as a teacher, I knew it wasn’t for me as I wanted to help people who really WANTED to be helped. So I started my coaching qualifications, and further learning & investment into deeper courses which have lead me to being confident in the business I run now.

Enough of that, I'm sure 0.000032% of you care about that, so here's a little more about my training & some gems for you to consider for yourself

My training has changed SO much since I first started at the age of 15/16. I’ve transitioned through many phases of motivation and training styles. As I read, learnt & listened to the right people more, I discovered the real principles behind training, & created what I believe to be the holy grail of training…it was my OWN style of training, and this is what I aim to teach people who work with myself.

I don’t adhere to a specific type of training method, I use certain principles to create my own style, and that’s what I still do now & essentially, I’ve FOUND MY fitness.

I train for strength, I train for fitness & engine building, I dabble in CrossFit, Olympic lifting & calisthenics & this is what I enjoy! 

I will admit part of me still does train for aesthetics but nowhere near to the level that I did when i was younger.

I’m always trying to acquire new skills as there’s SO much more out there than what people think, it’s quite incredible to be 8 years into my lifting career now still be discovering new movements, techniques and styles of training to learn from scratch.

Aside from training, I have grown to be fascinated in human potential & every area that impacts your health. Sleep, stress, exercise, nutrition, social, stability, learning, habits, behaviour and SO much more. I’ve become and advocate of self-development & every single day I’m working on bettering myself, learning & developing my business so I can try to help just 1 more person that day.

I’m just a guy, trying to nail every part of my life to be the best & most influential person, coach, friend I can be…

This is all fascinating Harri but how can you help me?

I like to apply the same principles to my athletes:

“give a man a fish, feed him for a day, TEACH a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime”. – Lao-Tzu.

This sums up my approach to coaching, I don’t dictate, I don’t believe there’s a right and wrong. I help, guide, assist, improve peoples lives by encouraging a journey & I strongly advise taking every step as a learning process.

I coach them from the basics and build them up in all relevant areas, I fast track the people who are naturally more capable & who’ve tried & tested things before, but never skip a step because the process is where the real satisfaction lies & learning is derived from.

Building strength, losing body fat, moving well, living healthily, enjoying training & nutrition, being more productive & building mental callus is what I aim to aid provide my clients with & I’d like to take you on a never-ending, progressive journey of your own, using the things I’ve learnt over my time so far in this ever-evolving, confusing but inspiring industry.

If you’d like to work with myself or enquire about anything please don’t hesitate to send me an email or contact me via social media which are located below.

All the best, 

Your coach, Harri