10 day Office workers Experience to Achieving your ideal
physique & mindset
I’m looking for:
  • people who struggle to find the time to dedicate to their health & appearance
  • ‘social butterflies’ who want to maintain a good social life whilst making an incredible transformation
  • people who want more clarity on all areas of changing their body composition, mind-set & health sustainably



Fundamental Fitness Academy

My name’s Harri, I’m 25 from the UK & I’m currently living in Dubai. Weird typing and saying that I feel like I’m in an interview or at an awkward first date.

I’ve been running this business [although I hate to call it that] for almost 2 years now & I’ve come a hell of a long way since I started. 

I began developing a passion for this stuff at Uni where I studied Biomedical Science [Health, Exercise & Nutrition].

I threw myself in the deep end with the commitments I made & my ambitions got the better of my in terms of what I was trying to achieve and do without having the skillset and experience to do so.

Since then I’ve take my education in the fitness industry a lot further, developing my practical 1-1 and group coaching to another level being mentored by some of the best guys in the industry. I’ve contracted a passion for improving as a person and to be the best possible coach I can be through knowledge & practice.

However, what I found is that it’s all well and good being an amazing coach & knowing all this info, but I couldn’t access many people due to my connections & the fact that I’m not an “influencer” with thousands of instagram followers.

I’ve invested many hours and so much effort into my learning & development, now it was time to invest financially in a couple of courses, run by some of the most successful & genuine online coaches around.

To get to the point, this is how I’m able to help hundreds of people online as well as continuing my face to face services.

I’m always looking to improve in every aspect, and the online world has adapted my focus & I’m able to create the best resources for the people who need the most help.

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